Tanya Blum

Under the leadership of creative visionary Tanya Blum, Brandman’s digital team strives to push the boundaries of creative, ROI-centered digital content creation, social media and digital strategy.

Tanya’s background in photography, design and film uniquely prepared her for her work in hospitality marketing, including her previous work as Creative Director for Marcus Samuelsson and managing marketing and digital strategy for Dream Hotels, Tao Group and Standard Hotels.

“Most people are surprised to learn that I actually grew up in New York City. Manhattan shaped me—at a young age. The city gives me energy and fuels my creativity.

I travel because it puts you in the moment. I’ve always been a very visual person. I was in my high school photography club, and my family traveled a lot, hence my love of documenting the mindfulness of travel.

Digital and analog can be friends. I consume almost all media digitally, but I also read the New York Times and New York Magazine in print, and I love books. Real books are great.