Join The Brandman Agency Partner Program

The Brandman Agency Shapes the Future of Work with New Hosted Startup Program, Geared Towards Senior-Level Practitioners.

The Brandman Agency Partner Program provides the opportunity for experienced, senior-level practitioners to join the Agency’s global network within an industry-first hosted startup format. Adapting to the current business climate and the evolving definition of the workplace, as well as the future of remote work, the new program presents a low cost, low risk pathway for qualified individuals to operate independently while benefiting from the support, network, infrastructure, and track record of an established international firm.

Successful candidates will benefit from increased credibility and name recognition, access to licensed branding materials, a new business referral and preferred vendor program, prime office locations, personalized coaching and inclusion within our dynamic global community, as well as access to media, influencer and brand partner contacts. The Agency also offers business administration support, billing, and accounting, as well as an in-house creative content studio with digital and social media capabilities.

A variety of arrangements are possible, and each can be personalized to best suit individual business needs and goals. The Agency is looking forward to discussing opportunities with interested professionals from a variety of geographic markets and sector verticals including but not limited to hospitality, real estate, food and beverage, spa and wellness, liquor and spirits, beauty, fashion, and consumer goods.

For more information on how to apply, email