Beth Cooper

It’s not just 25 years of experience that makes Beth an expert in branding and marketing—it’s her dedication to understanding both client and audience that ensures tangible results and a strong return on investment. In short, she knows her stuff and she gets things done with speed.

Of course, time spent in the industry has allowed Beth to cultivate excellent relationships with Europe’s most influential media, as well as prominent personalities and captains of industry, giving her the ability to provide clients with unique access to some of the most relevant, of-the-moment and diverse brands.

“My parents raised me as a citizen of the world. My father was British and worked as a pilot and my mum was Australian. I have always loved the countryside but was also aware there was more to see. It inspired me to travel.”

“I didn’t always know PR was my calling. Though my headmistress did call me a ‘shocking shop steward’ once so perhaps a director position was in my future from early on.”

“Give me the glossies. I love print—the smell, the feel, the layout of the pages. It’s such a sensory experience.”