Daphna Barzilay

Daphna doesn’t just think outside the box. She re-envisions it, designs it, and paints it in a way you’ve never seen. Her talents in design, creative and collaborative programming, branding and storytelling make her an essential part of the leadership team.

Beginning her career in fashion, the fine-arts graduate oversaw PR strategy and events for European-based fashion houses such as Missoni, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Moncler and Belstaff. From event management for designer Carlos Miele to her aptitude for abstract cubism art and wicked funny impersonations, there isn’t much her creative genius can’t touch.

Since joining Brandman, Daphna has successfully applied her natural understanding of aesthetics and creative offerings to projects for clients like Champalimaud Design, Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Kulm Hotel St. Mortiz, and La Mamounia in Marrakech.

“My curiosity keeps me relevant. I’m constantly reading and researching what makes the world tick. For inspiration, I’ll travel whenever I get the itch, but at minimum every three months. While at home, I go out of my way to creative neighborhoods every so often to absorb interesting people and styles.”

“Retail content sites are my current inspiration. I think they’re the most interesting media right now. Every retail site has a content component and they are so well done. I’m equally as obsessed with Cabana magazine and Woody Allen movies—the scenery, wardrobe, and architecture are everything.”

“Passion is contagious. I still remember working on a big Missoni anniversary event in Milan where every single seamstress, factory worker, and garment maker came out on the runway to represent the history of the brand. It was so powerful.”

“I’ve always been surrounded by creativity. I grew up in a town that had a lot of early influence from the arts. My mother worked at the local arts center when I was a child and I would go often and visit her and hang out at all the artist studios. My parents also always had a lot of interesting, creative friends around.”