Jamie Silverman

A branding aficionado with an eye for design and a competitive spirit, Jamie offers a fresh perspective to her portfolio of legacy and design-centric hotels and resorts. Her unique integrated marketing skillset and brand management experience are what sets her apart in her approach to Public Relations.

With a deep understanding of luxury brands and a background in partnerships and programming, Jamie is always inspired to bring creative ideas and strategic opportunities to her clients. Offering an expertise in digital marketing and social media, Jamie excels in 360° campaign development that simultaneously drives visitation, elevates brands, and ensures data-driven results across digital and traditional media.

“Experience is everything” – I still remember my first luxury hospitality experience. My dad took me to dinner at Carole Peck’s restaurant in Woodbury, Connecticut. I fell in love with food (particularly mushrooms), became fascinated by the concept of ambience and developed a deep appreciation for great service.

“As a former athlete, I’ve learned a lot about pivoting.” – Having played sports my entire life and Division I lacrosse at American University, I am never afraid to pivot and try something new. Being a part of a team is something I have always valued and now have an incredible team at The Brandman Agency to celebrate big wins with, brainstorm new ideas and cheer each other on.

“Set yourself up for success” is my mantra and advice to everyone. For me, this means staying hydrated, organizing information into an Excel spreadsheet, having coffee and crunchy snacks nearby, going for a walk if I’m feeling uninspired, and keeping a well-filed inbox.

“Every season has a story to tell” – Growing up in New England made me adore the change of seasons. Each one brings a fresh energy and spirit. I try to apply this seasonal approach to my clients’ storytelling and programming and infuse a sense of newness wherever I can.