Rachel Horowitz

If you ever find yourself looking for Rachel in a room, she’ll be the one in leather – likely bopping around to hip hop with a huge smile on her face. Rachel runs the digital division of Brandman with equal parts power and grace, often leaning on her love of out of the box content to keep our clients on top of their digital game.

Prior to leading the digital team at Brandman, Rachel worked at Condé Nast where she was an integral part of the marketing success of GQ’s “Most Expensivest Sh!t” with rapper, 2Chainz and was also involved in the release of Daft Punk’s album, Random Access Memories while at Columbia Records. Daft Punk’s single, “Get Lucky,” was a critical and commercial success for the marketing team, and became one of the best-selling digital singles of all time.

When she’s not overseeing our client’s social media strategies on a global scale, Rachel spends her time at the stable on her horse in Katonah, NY.

“I’ve been riding since I was 3 but I learn more from my horse every day. The relationship between a wild animal and its rider is something I never take for granted and something that blows my mind even after 23 years. It’s kind of sick.”

On work, Rachel has a mentality that is not too common with the millennial generation, “I feel grateful every day that I have a job that I have to be at. I’m grateful that I have two working legs that can walk me to work. I’m grateful that I have a sound mind to articulate my thoughts to my team. If you don’t find small things to be grateful for every day, you lose purpose.”

On travel, “Growing up in Switzerland and attending an International school early on in life instilled a curiosity for new cultures. I loved that in two hours by train, I could be transported to another world. I travel because it breaks me out of my comfort zone and thrusts me into situations and circumstances that I wouldn’t normally find myself in. Prior to coming to Brandman, I didn’t travel solo too often. Now, it’s a weekly occurrence for content shoots or new business pitches – and I’ve been everywhere from small towns in Virginia to celebrity packed compounds in Puerto Rico. Traveling solo went from something that was super scary to me, to now something that is an integral part of my growth.”

On everything else, “It will all work itself out. And if it doesn’t, it wasn’t supposed to happen anyway. Nothing is permanent. It ain’t that serious.”