Ty Bentsen

It’s unclear how Ty finds the time to maintain the perfect manicure while heading up new business, staff development, recruiting, client strategy, and media relations, but she usually nails it all—no pun intended. Maybe it’s all the Moon Juice smoothies that give her the energy to shower her expertise on clients like Visit Victoria, Experience Scottsdale, and Enchantment Group.

Prior to establishing the Brandman Los Angeles office, Ty worked at Wagstaff Worldwide on projects including the opening of the Public Kitchen & Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel and securing the front page of the Los Angeles Times travel section for Tourism Western Australia and their black truffle industry. When she’s not dedicating her time to top tourism boards and luxury resort clients like The Ritz-Carlton, Ty is likely on her way to a Pilates class, rescuing a new pet, or sipping a spicy margarita in Silver Lake. She epitomizes Los Angeles’ work hard, play hard mentality.

“I learned a lot about life in a pool. I was a year-round competitive swimmer and used to practice before and after school for two hours. It taught me a lot about time management, dedication, and grit. It also made me slightly obsessed with having good hair—my hair was in a wet bun 24/7.”

“Travel makes me feel alive. It recharges my batteries. There is nothing on this planet that offers the same rush as discovering a new destination, a new hotel, a hidden restaurant or bar in a new city. I always return happier than when I left and immediately start plotting my next adventure.”

“I’m addicted to LikeToKnow.it. It’s an affiliated marketing program that fashion bloggers use so you can shop their looks. Also on my iPad reading list is Vogue, Refinery29, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, and Mind Body Green. I’m also a big fan ofVanity Fair’s “Cocktail Hour” e-newsletter.”

“Once I sink my teeth into something, it’s game over. It took nearly a year of negotiating to get the Hollywood sign featured on The Bachelor for Discover Los Angeles, but it was worth it!”