Brandman, Rebranded

Brandman, Rebranded


I love change. I’m passionate about it and motivated by it. Every change comes with a new horizon, and I’m excited to share the new developments taking place here at Brandman.

When I founded The Brandman Agency 17 years ago, I knew we would constantly evolve with the industry. But no one could have anticipated the industry transforming quite so much.

So now we’re kicking off the fourth quarter with a refresh that better showcases who we are and what we do. Brandman’s brand now reflects our motivations in 2017—and far beyond. This means a new aesthetic, logo, and streamlining our mission. Because everyone could use a little refresh now and then, right?

Where We Started

I always believed that Brandman was ahead of the game in many ways. We were competitive in the PR space, but also had our eye on what was coming around the corner. Whether that meant jumping into the content business with Travel Curator, building our new hotel booking platform or embracing the power of influencers early on, we’ve always prided ourselves with having a finger on the pulse of the travel industry.

Taking Inventory

Around our 15th anniversary, I decided to look around and take stock of who we were. I discovered something that I intrinsically knew but hadn’t yet realized: we’re now a global integrated communications agency. Our brilliant team now works out of four offices, in Los Angeles, Sydney, London and New York. And while media relations remain our core practice, our movement into digital influencer campaigns, partnerships, and events signal that we have surpassed my original dream.

The Right Reflection

With that realization came the opportunity to present ourselves as much more than a PR agency in a radically changing landscape. The Brandman Agency is multi-faceted. Our services have expanded, and this new aesthetic integrates and reflects all of our offerings: brand development, launches, social media, digital marketing, influencer engagement, and much more.

The Look

We wanted a sophisticated, fresh, and contemporary look to match the moment in which we find ourselves. Our new website and branding reflects who we are globally. We always want to lead by example and know how important branding is for your company—and that’s why we’re ensuring our own company reflects your core values as well.

The Message

On a personal level, I’m very different than I was 17 years ago. My hair’s blonder, for starters. And as you get older, you tend to streamline your life. You synthesize everything into what matters. This website achieves that goal and reflects our core DNA. Because everyone—from a person to a brand—should take a moment and see if the message they’re conveying to the world matches their true goals and vision.


"We’re not afraid of the future—we embrace it."

The Team

Our rebranding is as much an internal metamorphosis as an external one. Honing our message signals to our team that we’re devoted to growth and defining who we are. We’re a company they can be proud to work for. We’re a company our clients are proud to work with. We’re not afraid of the future—we embrace it.

How We Serve You

While we’ll always sit firmly in the luxury space, we also occupy the lifestyle realm—and those two can often intersect. We’re progressive, working with lifestyle brands making waves and luxury brands that dominate their fields. What we really love is helping brands tell their unique stories—and bringing them to life in radically new ways. Call me a tech geek if you want, but I love technology and all the tools we have at our disposal. To be great storytellers, you must have passion for every possible tool in your arsenal.

Adapting to the World

The way people travel is always shifting, and companies need to be nimble. We are committed to following the consumers, and bringing on brands that deliver transformative and authentic experiences. We’re not doing things how they were done before. No one should! Think of your own business: Are you connecting with the right consumers? Constant evolution keeps us all dynamic.

The Big Takeaway

What I believe most is that if you’re not ahead of the game, you need to catch up—or find another way. Creating content, working with influencers, developing experiential moments that are transformative—all of those can have huge payoffs. All of these channels shouldn’t feel overwhelming. You should think of them as liberating. Transformation is clarifying. You might be surprised by where you end up.

To celebrate our Brandman rebranding, we’ll be popping Champagne corks in the office, of course. Please take a look around our new digs and let me know your thoughts.

We’re very happy to have you along for the journey, and I hope our little refresh inspires you to embrace the opportunities for change in your own backyard.



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