Ellen Cinque

Ellen utilizes her nearly twenty years of operational and administrative experience to facilitate day to day operations across the agency. Her attention to detail helps maintain organization and productivity while ensuring everyday logistics run smoothly. It’s hard to believe Ellen’s never had a sip of coffee in her life, considering she’s on-the-go most hours of the day, often at a pace other New Yorkers wish they could keep up with.

Ellen holds a Communication degree with a specialization in Digital Media and a minor in Sociology. While she began her career in the health and wellness sector, Ellen knew she was meant to head back to her communication roots.

“I have an eagle eye and I’m not afraid to use it. I truly enjoy copy editing. It began when I would spot typos in the New York Times as a teenager and continued while I was on staff at my university’s student-run newspaper. I guess it’s the perfectionist in me but I hate the idea of something going out with errors in it.”

“Ask Ellen. It sounds like the title of an advice column but it’s something that I hear regularly in the office. I’m the go-to when people don’t know how to do or answer something. I tend to have or can quickly find an answer – a skill I attribute to years of being an avid Jeopardy watcher and being able to find nearly anything or anyone on Google. I’ve always enjoyed helping others so I’m happy to be the self-proclaimed office mom.”

“I’m rarely seen without a notebook in hand. I’m a list maker. While my photographic memory serves me well on the go, I’m old school and I like to write everything down so I don’t risk forgetting a to-do. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing things off that list. I’ve recently adapted to using the Notes section in my phone but I’ll still jot down action items in a notebook any chance I can.”