Kristen Vigrass

As COO, Kristen not only handles personnel, relationships, and business operations for the agency, but you can be assured there isn’t a client she hasn’t touched with a steady hand and on-point strategy.

With a background in consumer, fashion, and travel public relations, Kristen holds a degree in film production from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

She has produced award-winning work for clients such as Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, and Krispy Kreme but since 2001, travel and hospitality have been her passion and the solid foundation on which the agency has continued to build.

“I repeat two mantras when things get overwhelming. One: It will all get done. It always does. Two: It’s PR not the ER. If neither of those work, have a dirty martini and regroup.”

“If you can survive working in entertainment and fashion, you can handle PR. I was a production assistant on Seinfeld and worked front row at Calvin Klein during Fashion Week. I was also once an editor in Los Angeles for the IndieProd Company, which had a development deal with Sony Pictures. After those experiences, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“I have a good Midwestern American attitude about life. I was raised in Pittsburgh, PA, which is rather hip now, by the way. My youth was basically a John Hughes movie. I think it gave me a sense of level-headedness, loyalty, and kindness you don’t always find in this industry.”

“My job gave me the chance to see the world. Travel and press trips took me to places I’d only known in my imagination. I’m proud to see the agency grow—I’ve opened three offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and London, with more to come.”