Veronica Werhane

A true Virgo, Veronica’s natural leadership, drive and tenacious spirit have made her an integral part of The Brandman Agency Los Angeles office’s growth over the past five years. She loves a good challenge and always rises to the occasion, which has allowed her to lead countless successful campaigns for her clients over the years – from luxury resorts and boutique hotels to exciting destinations and emergent lifestyle brands.

When she’s not traveling or in the office, you can catch Veronica boxing, trying to pet all of the dogs, soaking up the sun on the beach, cheering on the USC Trojans and Chicago Bulls, or hitting up her favorite LA street taco spot (outside the Pavilions parking lot on Melrose and Vine, if you must know).

“Hospitality is my happy place.” I attribute a lot of my success in luxury travel PR to my lifelong passion for hospitality and travel. From working in restaurants to representing hospitality brands, everything about the industry feeds my soul – the hard work, genuine desire to make people happy, personal connection, anticipatory service, delicious food/drink and talent behind it, and so much more. My heart motivates my work, which has led me to big wins for my clients.

“Strong body, strong mind.” I was a year-round athlete my entire life and always felt it taught me important life skills – strong work ethic, teamwork, leadership, motivation, strategy, discipline, time management, hunger for competition, etc. I still love working out every morning (I know, I’m a monster) and boxing is what fuels me these days. It gives me mental clarity and focus that help me thrive at work.

“Life is too short, so don’t take it too seriously.” I am no Yoda, but this is one piece of wisdom (perhaps two combined in one) I carry with me everyday. It’s safer to hold back and stay in your lane but it’s liberating to let go of fear and go for whatever it is your heart is longing for. In the same breath, taking life too seriously is exhausting and doesn’t leave room for much joy. I find that my work reflects these mantras; I always try to challenge myself and my clients to push beyond what’s safe and take some creative risk with ideas. I also know that at the end of the day, life (like travel) is beautiful and should be ENJOYED.

“Learning about the world has changed the way I walk through it.” I’m stating the obvious here, but I feel so lucky to have a job that has dispatched me to far-flung places around the world that I never thought I would see. Those travel experiences have shaped how I view the world around me and have been a fulfilling continuation of my love of learning about other countries (I earned degrees in International Relations and Public Relations from The University of Southern California). I’m an IR and PR nerd through and through, which obviously comes in handy in this line of work.